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  • I received my gemstone globe yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful!! I love it. Thank you so much for all of your assistance. You were a big help & I appreciate it so much...

    Darnelle G.- New York City
  • Thank you! My order arrived yesterday; it was on my doorstep when I arrived home. I checked it over, it was in perfect condition. Thank you for your fast response so that..

    Janet L.- Bend, Oregon
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Columbus Globes

The longest established globe manufacturer in the world produces a superior line of hand-crafted and finely detailed globes. Their products are widely considered to be the best in the world and they have been awarded many honors. Columbus Globes are designed to be treasured for a lifetime and to provide the perfect accessory for any home or office.

Established 1909 in Germany, COLUMBUS is the oldest globe manufacturer in the World. COLUMBUS quickly became and continue to be the World's best-selling line of luxury globes (Chaplin chose in 1940 the Columbus globe "Die Erde" for his world famous film The Great Dictator).

For nearly a century Columbus has continuously innovated and revolutionized the globe making industry. The experience accumulated over 4 generations has earned the Columbus brand the status of the world’s premier globe manufacturer.
Popular features such as internal illumination (1948), dual-mapping (1955), the Day and Night Globe (1972), the first big floating globe (2000) were all innovations brought to us by Columbus globes, and are all common features across many of today’s globe manufacturers.

While being innovators and leaders, Columbus is also focused on preservation of traditional globe manufacturing processes such as the exclusive mouth-blowing of crystal spheres and the hand laminating of cartography.

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The Jena Globe The Passau Globe The Student Marco Polo Globe The Kempten Globe
Our Price: $219.00
Our Price: $219.00
Our Price: $249.00
Our Price: $349.00
The Jena Globe by Columbus The Passau Globe by Columbus The Student Marco Polo Globe by Columbus The Kempten Globe by Columbus
The Jena World Globe
The Passau World Globe
The Student Marco Polo World Globe
The Kempten World Globe
The Heidelberg Globe The Sigmaringen Globe The Freiburg Globe The Ravensburg Globe
Our Price: $349.00
Our Price: $349.00
Our Price: $349.00
Our Price: $349.00
The Heidelberg Globe by Columbus The Sigmaringen Globe by Columbus The Freiburg Globe by Columbus The Ravensburg Globe by Columbus
The Heidelberg World Globe The Sigmaringen World Globe
The Freiburg World Globe
The Ravensburg World Globe
The Lindau Globe The Krauchenwies Globe The Hamburg Globe The Rothenburg Globe
Our Price: $349.00
Our Price: $349.00
Our Price: $399.00
Our Price: $399.00
The Lindau Globe by Columbus The Krauchenwies Globe by Columbus The Hamburg Globe by Columbus The Rothenburg Globe by Columbus
The Lindau World Globe
The Krauchenwies World Globe
The Hamburg World Globe The Rothenburg World Globe
The Marco Polo Globe The Salzburg Globe The Ulm Globe The Vienna Globe
Our Price: $399.00
Our Price: $429.00
Our Price: $429.00
Our Price: $459.00
The Marco Polo Globe by Columbus The Salzburg Globe by Columbus The Ulm Globe by Columbus The Vienna Globe by Columbus
The Marco Polo World Globe
The Salzburg World Globe
The Ulm World Globe The Vienna World Globe
The Dresden Globe The Tuebingen Globe The Stuttgart Globe The Postdam Illuminated Globe
Our Price: $459.00
Our Price: $599.00
Our Price: $629.00
Our Price: $629.00
The Dresden Globe by Columbus The Tuebingen Globe by Columbus The Stuttgart World Globe The Postdam Floor Globe by Columbus
The Dresden World Globe
The Tuebingen World Globe
The Stuttgart World Globe The Postdam World Globe