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How do you find a place on a globe?

Because a globe is round with no beginning or end, there are 2 imaginary reference lines from which all distances and locations are determined; these are the equator and prime meridian.

Equator: Runs East and West around the exact middle of the globe.

Prime Meridian: Imaginary line running from Pole to Pole and passing through Greenwich, England.

Both the equator and the prime meridian intersect at point "0" where all numbering starts with longitude and latitude lines.

Longitude: Imaginary lines running parallel with the prime meridian through each Pole and numbered in 15║ increments.

Latitude: Imaginary lines running around the globe parallel to the equator at 10║ increments.

Locations are uniquely identified on a globe by the point where the longitude and latitude lines intersect, i.e., Dallas Texas is located 33║ North (Latitude) 97║ West (Longitude).

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