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Raven State Wall Maps on Roller

Maps must be accurate, but they should also be beautiful. Raven's state wall maps were prepared using base materials originally produced by the U.S. Geological Survey for their definitive 1:250,000-scale series. These extremely detailed bases identify thousands of features, such as even minor lakes and streams ignored by most maps. Raven Maps brings the U.S.G.S. materials up to date with current roads and reservoirs. They go far beyond the originals by adding color tints to depict elevation. The colors progress from greens at lower elevations, through yellows and browns, to grey and finally white at the highest altitudes in the mountainous states. This sequence of color steps replaces the abstraction of contour lines with a graphic picture of elevation-- and, in combination with the relief shading, of the entire landform.

George F. Cram company offers Raven maps for 14 states with a spring roller and backboard.  These states are Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Masschusetts, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Vermont & New Hampshire, Washington and Wyoming.

On the Hawaii map, the technique is extended to the ocean floor, with a startlingly three-dimensional result.

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