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World History Maps - Multiple Sets
World History Maps Multiple Maps
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Africa 1914
Africa, 1200-1600
African Slave Trade, 1441-1808
Alexander's Empire, 323 BC
Ancient World, 600 BCE
Asia 1930-1941
Asia, 1800
Asia, C 1500
Asia, C. 413-750 CE
Asian Imperialism To 1910
Beginnings Of Civilization, 8000-9000 BCE
China In The Qing Dynasty, 1644-1911
Classical Greece, 150 BC
Cold War Europe 1946-1990
Decline Of The Byzantine Empire, 1100
Early Civilizations of Asia, 3000-1000 BCE
Early Greece, 20000-1100 BCE
Early Peoples & Cultures Of North America, 1000CE
Early Societies Of Oceania, 3500 BC - 500 BC
East Asia, 1850-1900
Eurasia & The Silk Roads, 100 BC
Europe & The Byzantine Empire, C. 526CE
Europe 1494-1560
Europe 1914
Europe Between Wars 1918-1939
Europe, 1648
Europe, 1815
European Empires, C. 1700
European Explorations Of North America 1066-1682
European Trading Colonies In Asia, C. 1750
European Union
Exploration & Colonization, C. 1700
French, Spanish, & English Settlements To 1776
Growth Of Roman Empire, 44 BCE-117 CE
Hellenistic Empires, 275 BC
Immigration In The 19th Century, 1800-1914
Imperialism In The Modern World, 1900
Independence, Dates For Countries Of The World As Of 1999
Independent States 1945-1990
Indo-European Migrations, C 4000-1000 BCE
Industrialization & Urbanization In Europe, C. 1850
Japanese Expansion In Asia, 1895-1941
Korean War 1950-1953
Latin American Independence, 19th Century
Medieval Europe, C. 950-1300CE
Mesoamerican Societies, 1200 BCE - 900 BCE
Mesopotamia & Egypt, 4000 BC - 1000 BC
Mongol Empire, 13th Century
Napolean's Empire, 1800-1814
North American Treaty Organization (NATO)
Ottoman Empire To 1672
Pacific Island Societies, 1000-1500CE
Persian Gulf War 1991
Post Cold War Europe, Middle East, & North Africa, 1990-1995
Renaissance Italy, 1350-1600
Roman Empire & Germanic Migrations, C. 400CE
Russia & The Former Soviet Union, 1991
South American States, C. 500-1532CE
Spread Of Islam, 622-750CE
Spread Of The Black Death, 1347-1354
State Of The World 2000
Terrorism Hotspots 2001-2002
The Early Crusades, 1096-1212
The Growth Of Russia, 1598-1796
The Spread Of Agriculture, 10,000-1000 BCE
The Spread Of World Religions, 500 BC - 600
Trade Routes In The Indian Ocean, C. 500-1000CE
Turkish Empires, 1000CE
UN Military & Peacekeeping Missions 1970-2003
United Nations Sanctions
US Involvement In Latin America 1953-2000
Vietnam War 1964-1975
Voyages Of Exploration 1000-1522CE & Colonial Empires Early 1700
Western Expansion In The US, 1804-1807
WWI 1914-1917
WWI The Western Front 1918
WWII European Theatre 1940-1945
WWII In The Balkans & North Africa
WWII Pacific Theatre 1941-1945
Xia, Shang & Zhou Dynasties, China, 400-221 BC

World History Maps - Multiple Sets by Universal Map

Combine your maps of world history and save money, space and stay organized! Choose from 85 map titles!

More on these history map sets:
  • They are printed in color with a markable/washable-laminated surface.
  • Mounted on roller with backboard.
  • Meets U.S. History curriculum requirements.
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Universal Map - Multiple Map Sets of World History

  • Style: Multiple Maps of World History
  • Map Dimensions: 46" W x 32" H & 36" W x 48" H
  • Publisher: Universal Map

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